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Employer FAQs

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Q.   What are the advantages of using Personnel Placements service?

A. Because at Personnel Placements, we take the time to get to know your individual business needs and then invest the time finding suitable employees, while you concentrate on building your business.

Our robust interview process utilises tools such as behavioural and situational interview questions, skills assessments and personality profiling to ensure the job seekers we present  meet  your requirements. This may even mean benchmarking your top staff, free of charge, to compare against short listed job seekers. Utilising a combination of these systems, we ensure you receive only the most capable employee, no matter what the role involves or how long it is for.


Q.   How much does Personnel Placements you charge?

A. Our charge rates vary depending on the individual services we offer.

Temporary Employees

Personnel Placements charge employers an hourly rate for providing this service.  Our rates include wages, and all accruals for ACC, holiday, sick pay and KiwiSaver, etc. Our rates vary according to the service and circumstances of individual temporary assignments.  Please contact a recruitment-constructionRecruitment Consultant at Personnel Placements to obtain a quote on your individual requirements.

Permanent Employees

Our fees are charged on a one-off payment, based on a percentage to the job seekers first years salary.  Please contact a Recruitment Consultant at Personnel Placements to obtain a quote on your  individual requirements.


Q.   Do you Guarantee Permanent employees?

A. Yes definitely. At Personnel Placements we stand by our clients and the job seekers they choose.  All of our permanent placements come with a replacement/credit guarantee.


Q.   What are the Terms and Conditions for Personnel Placements Limited?

A. Personnel Placements have two different types of Terms of Business, depending on the services we are providing you with; Terms and Conditions for the supply of temporary staff and the Terms and Conditions for the supply of permanent employees.  Full details of our Terms of Business will be presented and clarified by your consultant when we meet to discuss your individual details.


Q.   Can Personnel Placements manage our casual /temporary staff needs?

A. Absolutely! Outsourcing the casual/temporary side of your operation is a fantastic and cost effective alternative to trying to maintain your own pool of casuals.


Q.   Can Personnel Placements assist with writing job descriptions?

A. Yes, we have intimate knowledge of the employment sector and how to achieve the results you need.


Q.   recruitment-builderDo Personnel Placements manage the performance of temporary staff?

A. Most certainly, your Consultant will consistently manage and monitor the performance of any temporary staff we have at your workplace, by regular client visits, telephone contact and systematic reporting.



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