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Psychometric Assessments

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4 Reasons to Profile Prospective Employees


 Profiling provides a thorough and comprehensive assessment of a person’s strengths, weaknesses and styles, giving you important information so you won’t overlook a candidate  who would  actually excel in the role. Personality Profiling and Psychometric Assessments will help you:

• Hire Top Performers
• Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes
• Identify & Develop Leadership Skills of Supervisors and Managers
• Expose the individuals natural communication, sales, management style



1. The Statistics

It has been proven in studies that the correlation between  the  ability to deliver well in a job interview and the ability to do well on the job is just 14 %. In other words when you are looking for staff, you generally only end up with one good employee out of every seven people you hire. For example, in a sales role, a superior person should perform up to 20% better  than an average person on the same salary.


2. Risk Involved

Skills gained, degrees studied for, results checked along with references are tangible, but temperament is far harder to judge or even notice  during   interviewing. By combining psychometric assessment tools with your current practice, the information gathered on your prospective candidate, will help ensure you make an informed risk assessment, before making an offer.


3. Cost

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The cost involved with training, and time to rectify a mistake made when hiring a person not compatible with, the position        are enormous.  The aim of a recruitment process is to select superior rather than average performers and as a result, the cost of a more robust assessment process is recouped over and over again by the fact that you have built a team of high performing individuals.


4. Competitive Edge

In times of economic downturn these assessments  are a great way for a business to assess their existing teams, identify key staff, and assist in the management  and coaching of their team more effectively and productively. This enables them to achieve results and ensure they remain competitive in an uncertain market.


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