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Services to Suit your Business

As a client of Personnel Placements you will have access to a wide range of employment solutions and expertise; from permanent staff to flexible temporary assignments.


We understand your time is important, that is why we’ll only send you the best candidates.

Locating employees who have the skills, experience and personality fit that your business requires, is essential to ensuring the success of your business. Whether it’s a temporary assignment for four hours or a permanent placement, we are dedicated to finding the right match for your company to ensure a cost effective result.

Personnel Placements can provide employment solutions
and advice in many different areas of your business:
• Temporary & contract staff
• Permanent employees
• Pre-employment screening
• Independent local advice
• Behavioral & situational based interviewing
• Skills assessments
• Personality profiling
• Permanent Agricultural staff
• Employment contracts
• Advice on market pay rates
• Writing of advertisements
• Independent reference checking
• Exit interviews
• Inductions
• Job descriptions
• Seasonal Agricultural staff

Working with Personnel Placements, provides you with the complete solution to source and maintain quality staff, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on your area of expertise, while we concentrate on ours.

Temporary Employees

Our ability to effectively service both blue and white collar positions means we can provide your company with only one invoice, no matter how many different temporary roles you require temporary staff for.

Seasonal Agricultural Staff

Ag Jobs provides seasonal agricultural staff for jobs such as rouging, potato harvest, potato grading, spot spraying, seed machine operation, planting, maintaining, harvesting and packing crop and general farm labouring.

Search & Selection

Personnel Placements use many methods to identify suitable candidates including our electronic data base and website vacancies, utilising printed advertising media and other job based websites etc to ensure you get the very best talent.


Behavioural Based Interviewing

Interview questions are individually tailored to meet your role’s unique requirements by assessing behaviour, professional knowledge, skill and personal style.

Candidate Assessments

Utilising our comprehensive Skills Check program of assessments to ensure the candidate has the skills and productivity your role requires.

Reference Checking

A minimum of two years and two reference checks are obtained for each job seeker and specifically designed to address their ability to perform.

Client Reporting & Recommendation

Written recommendation confirming the candidate’s match against competencies and key requirements as well as a copy of the candidate resume, interview results and psychological assessment report, will be discussed with you.

Whatever your business employment needs are, we’ll find the right solution.

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