Linking Job Seekers and Employers Together is as much a Passion as it is a Business

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A FREE SERVICE to Job Seekers

It costs nothing to register as a jobseeker with Personnel Placements – only your time to attend our robust interview process, designed to get you that desired new job. Whether you’re looking for Seasonal, Permanent or Temporary employment we offer a wide range of opportunities within many different industries.

At Personnel Placements we recognise that not all positions, Employers and Teams are the same. We endeavour to match not only your specific skill set to positions but also your individual needs. That’s why we make the time to offer you a personalised interview, ensuring we get to know you, and understand your individual requirements. The better we can define what you’re looking for, the better we can find your perfect employment match.

We deal with Permanent, Temporary, Seasonal and Contract work, in a wide range of industries and companies, small and large, local, national and multinational.

job-seekersWorking with a local employment expert will maximise your opportunities and help you make the right career move.  We believe it’s as important to place Job Seekers in positions that are more than just financially rewarding but also satisfying personally and career wise, with companies who value their staff.

Whether it’s a new career or a change of company you require, it’s easy to take that next step towards your new employer with Personnel Placements.


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