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Job Seeker FAQs

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Q.   How much does it cost to register?

A. It’s a FREE SERVICE to all Job Seekers, whether they are looking for Temporary or Permanent Employment.


Q. I heard that the Employment Agencies charge me for finding me a Job?

A. At Personnel Placements you can be assured that this will never happen! We value our Job Seekers who require temporary and permanent employment. The businesses who utilise our services pay us a finders fee, because like any business, we need to cover our running costs and because we offer a free service to all Job Seekers, we need to recover the cost of our work completed on behalf of the client. Which is why the clients are charged  more that the temporary is paid. This is no different to when you take your car to a mechanic, you don’t pay the same hourly rate that the mechanic is paid.


Q. Do I get Holiday Pay when I’m a Temporary Employee?

A. Yes, over and above the hourly rate you are quoted, for each assignment you will be paid 8%, as per the Holidays Act. This gives you a nice lump sum when you want to take a holiday or finish working for Personnel Placements.


Q. recruitment-factoryWhat are the Pay Rates for Temporary Positions?

A. Personnel Placements pay rates will vary, in line with our clients pay rates because we recognise that no to clients, companies and positions pay exactly the same. When you are offered a temporary position, your consultant will confirm the pay rate associated with this assignment.


Q.   Will I have to do a test?

A. Depending on the position,you may be asked to complete skills assessments e.g. Word, Excel, numeracy, spelling, maths.


Q.   How long will an interview take?

A. Allow at least an hour – we want to get to know you!


Q.   When will I hear about job opportunities?

A. If there are no suitable vacancies, your consultant will continue to search  and contact you immediately one becomes available. It is also important that you keep in regular contact with us, to ensure you are kept up-to-date on current opportunities.


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